Page 10 of Page 52 of Can we help you? Make sure that the main switch and power inlet are both covered and that none of the cables are trapped or likely to be damaged when fitting the cover. Remove rear panel for access to rear extrusion screws. Models covered by this manual This manual contains information to assist in the repair and maintenance of the SmartLF scanners from Colortrac. Posted in Press Releases on October 3rd, Provides a new lower price point for cost conscious AEC and CAD users in the post credit-crunch world Easy, instant-on, walk-up scanning, copying and printing across a drawing office network Innovative single roller media transport technology with intuitive face-up document loading and unique front ejection system Colortrac Ltd has announced its fourth generation contact image sensor CIS large format scanner range, the SmartLF Ci 40 Series.

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Remove the 4 x M4 nuts holding the motor in place Page 60 of Re-fit the 4 x M4 nuts to fasten motor in place making sure the washers are in place behind the nuts.

With 24″ and 36″ options, SmartLF Scan! Replace both the retaining brackets over either end of the rollers…. Prop the lid open with the safety lever. Store the cover plates somewhere to avoid damage until needed from re-assembling. To remove the top lid cover to gain access to the inside of the paper guide colortrac smartlf ci 40 Use a pozi-drive screw driver, remove the 2 x countersunk screws at either end on the paper guide assembly.

Make sure the wider edge of the black screening is towards the front of the colortrac smartlf ci 40, so the CIS scan line is central in the clear area. Replace the Right Hand end cover in the reverse order in chapter 5. Unplug mains lead and USB Connector.

Colortrac announces an affordable new SmartLF Ci 40 large format technical document scanner

Re-insert the 10 x Cap head screws to hold the extrusion in place. Remove the top cover to gain access to the pinch rollers and paper hold down rollers.

Loosen the black retaining caps from all the pinch roller posts. To completely remove paper guide assembly: Then lift both the retaining brackets out. Remove the Right Hand end cover as in chapter 5.

Large Format Scanner – Colortrac SmartLF Portable Document Scanner

Release the safety lever and gently lower paper guide assembly. Page 52 cklortrac It is recommended that this process can only be repeated maximum of 10 times, the cables need to be replaced if it exceeds that amount of times. Re-position the roller pulleys and tighten the colortrac smartlf ci 40 x grub screws.

Reconnect the sensor cables to the display board. Don’t have an account? The SmartLF Ci 40 is: Remove the PSU as follows: On the Left Colortrac smartlf ci 40 side of scanner. Become a partner Find a partner.

Support Systems

Enter text from picture: Disconnect the sensor cable from the front paper sensor to prevent it from being damaged when the roller is colortrac smartlf ci 40.

Making sure the cables are inserted the correct way around, insert all 5 of the CIS ribbon cables into their adjacent connectors. Tighten the tension adjustment screw up, making sure the tension Do not have bar is taking any slack out of the belt before doing so.

Lift and pull the paper support cover from the front extrusion. Re-fit the front cover back in place.

Colortrac SmartLF Cx40m Service Manual

Replacing Pinch Roller Assembly Remove the top lid cover as described in chapter 5. See full range of large format scanners. It acts as a reference to service engineers who are approved by Colortrac. Remove the Left Hand side cover as show in chapter 5. The materials on this website are not to be sold, traded or given away.

Remove the drive roller pulleys by loosening the 2 colortrac smartlf ci 40 grub screws and sliding off.

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