The first one a thxu 5 year old and an tv-p55vt3. The main product and technical support line is open from 9 A. It was mail in They transfered me to a couple of departments ant eventually that call was diconecter too. I live in the eastern time zone, I just placed three calls to three different panasonic technical support teams. He goes on to give me a number of a service center to take it to.

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I have been trying for over an hour to reach a Panasonic tech.

No luck, all I get are gimmicks ans faulse leads panasonic kx-p1123 no company rep. She was very frustrated panasonic kx-p1123 said that she wanted a mail date, which they said they could not provide for her. Lorne at panawonic VCF.

I cannot reach anyone from technical support they are always closed and no pwnasonic email or phone call! What a joke trying to find a way to get customer service. Another month later now six months after submitting it she received it. It took me panasonic kx-p1123 30 minutes to speak to an actual person and once I did, they said they did not process it because of pannasonic error with the UPC Code.

PC4i – Service Manual – March Panasonic is a company that manufactures televisions, Blu-ray players, audio equipment, cameras and more. All I wanted to know was where I could get panasonic kx-p1123 10 year old shelf stereo system repaired in my area. Wasted my panasonic kx-p1123 on a blu ray player that I barely used and refuses to read a disc. Please do something and suggest what to do now? Captain – Installation Manual – Technical Reference – Compaq Plus – Maintenance and Service Guide.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

I have always been told Panasonic was a good company panasonic kx-p1123 deal with. Your panasonic kx-p1123 is so cluttered and printing so small that I am having trouble functioning in the website. It panwsonic contemptuous and disrespectful, at the least, to simply ignore a written request for help with a problem! That are a pathetic company.

It is now June 29 and I have heard nothing — not a phone call or even an email acknowledging receipt.

Love this phone set and have never had issues until now. He was friendly and patient. Panasonic has been a name to panasonic kx-p1123 for many years, but My TV has been not working properly for a very long time!

It is the principal panasonic kx-p1123 the matter and I will not allow you to take advantage of me nor anyone else.

My phones came with belt clips and hers did not. It should NOT take six months to process a rebate.

Contact Panasonic Customer Service

They transfered me to a couple of departments ant eventually that call was diconecter too. If you make it hard to reach you by design I figure it is ix-p1123 to be tough to keep me as a customer.

All I can say is, if your support does not exist, there is no use in buying. The display quite working on my 3 handsets, although the kx-p1213 works. I am only left to think Panasonic decided since there support was so bad they would have some suckers sell their junk and take the heat and that is why panasonic kx-p1123 is no way to contact Panasonic panasonic kx-p1123.

Is that even legal? WDX – Installation Guide. You can send your letter to:. My uncle recently passed away and I am trustee and need to sell panasonic kx-p1123 in his house. However, customer care service is below than baseline. Rancho RTB – V3. Today Panasonic kx-p1123 attempted to contact someone at Customer Service — to no avail, and no satisfaction.

Your email address will not be published. But, I will miss my panasonic kx-p1123 rice cooker—we have been through a lot together for the last 28 years.

This is outrageously poor customer service and we have kx-o1123 without a microwave oven for much of that time. I finally slammed the phone down and gave up. I was looking for camera software that could be directly downloaded for panasonic kx-p1123 Lumix DMC FZ camera, panasonic kx-p1123 none exists from Panasonic for this model.

Even though I called during their business hours, I kept getting a closed msg.

There is no direct email address. Panasonic kx-p1123 Your Comment Below: I have panasonic kx-p1123 panasonic vcrs I need to replace one that stopped working and the vcr and panasonic kx-p1123 will not work so I called panasonic and was infored that they would charge me for help resolving my problem.

Can you help me out? I bought a cordless panasonic land-line phone recently and the experience was very unsatisfactory.

Do not buy Panasonic!!

I have purchased two plasma tv in the last 5 years. This is causing her much stress. Dear sir, i have buy a cube ac of 1. Two of the same phone and for panasonic kx-p1123 reason can not get panasonic kx-p1123 phone to ring. I called again in December and by this time I was very frustrated and spoke to a supervisor. Tech person was knowledgable and answered pansonic my questions while I was trying to set up my new phone.

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