Will you be moving the printer around a lot, e. Update to the latest printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s web site. Clear your browser’s cache. Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. To perform curve conversions beyond what the Power Data Entry dialog supports, simply export your curve data to a. You want to upgrade from Version 6 or an earlier StarLog product.

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This will open the Renew License 8 tool. To help you analyze the spnsrvnt. Please take the safenet sentinel dual hardware key to review this valuable resource. Go to the Products page. Wait until a network license becomes available and try again Purchase more network licenses Check for available network license servers Consult your network admin or application specialist if problem persists Error 39 Broken session Hsrdware hardware key has become disconnected The program has been running for longer than 12 hours If you have a hardware key, ensure safenet sentinel dual hardware key it is properly connected If the 12 hour session has expired, click OK to close the message and continue working Error 41 Feature expired The license for this program has expired.

The network sentibel can be either a red USB network hardware key or an electronic license. This distinction was made to avoid the confusion that a trial would cause when verifying a network installation. With Sentinel Protection you can increase your profits by protecting against losses from software piracy and intellectual property theft and enable innovative business models to increase value and differentiate your products.

Uninstall the old version.

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If you are the first to identify safenet sentinel dual hardware key particular printer model, we’ll reward you with an extra 3 months on your license for one product. Obtain a network license from WellSight using the same procedure as for stand-alone licenses, except specifying that you require a network license and for how many floating seats.

To extract the MSI file, simply install the product using the setup. Check the Key you want to renew. Setninel could take a few seconds – up to a minute. Notepad, Paint other log files e.

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Note that the WellSight LogViewer safenst not require a license and is available free of charge. This service is available currently licensed users of the ASE, or to those who need to view a capture file.

Therefore, you should check the spnsrvnt. Copy the configuration file from the first workstation. In the Control Panel, run Programs and Features. It is easy to add a reference line in your curve track at zero or any other value for that matter.

If you wish to use a hardware key for your product, be sure to order at least one week before the evaluation ends. If you encounter error messages while downloading and installing WellSight Systems products, try the following steps:.

Printing problems are sejtinel always caused by system configuration issues. To safenet sentinel dual hardware key the file name extension associations for a WellSight program: Our recommendation is to use PDF to view logs on portable devices. How do I install WellSight products to use a safenet sentinel dual hardware key license?

You can use the Admin Control Center to configure and manage servers and clients. If all the curves have the same scale, the solution is to use one set of scales for all curves.

Renew License won’t run In rare circumstances, Renew License will not run If you see an error message, check for the error message below and follow the suggested solutions.

We suggest that you save it to your Desktop and name it with your name or your company’s name. The LogViewer also works in a VM as it does not require a license.

The software requires the ASE hardware and licence key to operate. It is located in the Program Data folder, usually C: When you receive this email, save the license file V2C to your Desktop.

What is spnsrvnt.exe?

When launching your WellSight product, if safenet sentinel dual hardware key receive a message that a Virtual Machine has been detected, check the following:. MudLog Create strip logs for vertical or deviated wells. Regardless of which WellSight program s safrnet install, there will be trial licenses for each product, in case you decide to try another product.

You can also print your log to a PDF file. Trial Version users should be sure to read the Trial Version Introduction before attempting to load and use the Trail Version software. Close every window of your browser, restart your browser and try again.

Select or Browse to the WellSight program file, e. The Sentinel Protection Installer is an integrated installer of the following components:

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