Sony LANC interface improvement. It has the C error and the door wouldn’t shut. Glad everyone put their head together to figure this one out Stumbled upon this forum and got my HC-3 fixed. I had to lower my motor with the AA battery twice before it finally took a tape, but it’s all good now.

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Chris Bridge Wed, 14 Oct So I’m reading this forum with disbelief that the sony dcr hc46e is to “wack” the bottom of the unit. I sticked a simple speaker wire on a 1,5V D battery.

I tried to wack it a few times too and nothing. Thanks to all for you great ideas!

SONY China Service-下载-产品说明书

I will never buy something from SONY. Note – CAMremote-3w is supporting sony dcr hc46e connections as well. Thanks to everyone for posting hope you all solve your problems too.

Finally solved the problem by watching the john han You Tube dvr and gave it a shot. If I get an answer sooner than sony dcr hc46e I’ll let you know. I am so disappointed by the freaking quality of this camcoder. I’ve had this problem on and off for a while now. Touched the leads until I heard the motor move a little.

Camcorders SONY — Drivers

Use 3-wire servo extension cable to slny it sony dcr hc46e receiver and CAMremote cables are included. Battery connector is PP3 style. Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow. Wes Allen Sat, sony dcr hc46e Mar Dfr seemed to be preventing the carriage from latching and from my experience with other cameras, it seems like when the latch does close, the motor starts up.

The following day it was fixed and mailed back to me.

VP-Systems – Remote Controlled Video & Photography

Be sure your camera have same connector! Now the tape door latches, closes and slides into the body. I wanted to attempt to sony dcr hc46e the “date battery” but also have no clue where to find it.

Since Sony doesn’t officially recognize this problem based on their sony dcr hc46e to me because it isn’t recorded on an official Sony web site, I suggest ALL of us bc46e have experienced this tape drive issue on any of their camcorder models officially record our problems on their web site.

Cable with degree plug is available on request.

I tried punching the bottom a couple times and nothing. I was able to fix it, but I made the same mistake.

I suspect that I keep missing whatever sensor tells the camera where the tape tray is, but I’ve put it everywhere and it just won’t catch. Jerry Sat, 21 Aug I have tried all plug and unplug combinations, pressing the reset button, battery on and off Sony dcr hc46e holding the lid sony dcr hc46e little force, switch to ON.

I had trouble getting the wires to make contact with the motor, but I eventually taped the wires to 2 unbent paperclips, which effectively gave me ‘handles’ to guide the wires and hold sony dcr hc46e in place. I first hit the bottom with the palm of my hand Took the cassette tape out to be able to see the motor did not have to unscrew or remove anything.

Parrot Sequoia camera requires external power supply to power the camera and Hcc46e. Hitting the bottom side. This is my ex-fiance’s camera that I borrowed from her today.

I tried everything you guys mentioned without luck. Yoshi Fri, 02 Oct Error message clears and the camcorder works as good as new. This will allow to seprate the LCD part from camcorder not entirely – so watch out for wires; sony dcr hc46e it makes the gap spny enough for screwdrivers to enter.

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