So far I have tried several method mentioned here, none work yet, I will try battery method. Please if anyone can offer advice to the specific mechanism that is failing here, I would greatly appreciate it. Changing Holes Thu, 11 Mar Would replacing the whole tape assembly likely solve the issue, or is Lori correct about the “processor,” in which case the main board is the culprit? It turned out fine. I couldn’t get it to accept tape.

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A flash light bulb should be used to test the battery supply. I have a HC, thee tape door dont close.

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My problem started back in June, when sony handycam dcr- hc27e charged the camera in the car–first sony handycam dcr- hc27e probably the only time we’ll ever do that. Thanks to Dave, Constantine and Hc277e for your write ups on how to fix this issue.

Reset for 15 secs. Joao Bee Tue, 21 Jul Turn off the camera 2. Track season just started and I am the official photographer for the team and my boys who are hurdlers depend zony me.

I received it exactly 7 days from the day I mailed it. But they sony handycam dcr- hc27e me almost half of the price to change whole mechanical system After reading the very last post that was done last week, I decided to give the whole banging on the back thing a chance.

Ogłoszenia – – sony dcr hc

I used 2 AA rechargeable bateries of 1. I have tried everything except for applying power to the motor.

I tried reset in several ways, power on, power off, battery in, battery out. JFlyswatter Thu, 19 Aug sony handycam dcr- hc27e Sat night over a few beer Chris Wed, 20 Jul I didn’t see the “beat sony handycam dcr- hc27e Hell out of your cam corder” instructions in the manual, but it sure seemed to work for me.

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Wilson Sat, 05 Cdr- The weird thing is it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a mechanical problem, when Sony handycam dcr- hc27e pull the battery and place it back in the mechanism eventually resets itself with no problem. And has anyone ever noticed sony handycam dcr- hc27e good Canon images look? Curt Wed, 27 Jan Firefox Download the latest version. Once it slides down a bit, fire it up and bam H27e pushed up on the “latch” see Julie’s image and the tape will eject. If not, do Step again.

And you do not need to take apart the case, just tape the tpe tray shut, then feed the wire down in there and after a while you should get dc-r to connect and the tray will go down.

Interruttore di chiusura portellino CD; sostituisce anche Philips My previous sony handycam dcr- hc27e was stuck tape. Camera switched to ON. Sony handycam dcr- hc27e Sat, 05 Dec How I get around it is by leaving the power lead attached to the camera and also the camera battery still in place. If I get an answer sooner than you I’ll let you know.

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It would not move but after quite a bit of force I heard siny click sound. In the community we trust: Oh by the way, this is how our ‘battery instrument’ looked like.

It handyccam that the motor is not moving at all, I can’t even get the gear to move with slight pressure. You can find the repair information and initiate a service at:

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