Sorry for the long story,I just wanted to make sure I did not forget anything. Your description sounds more like the LCD screen failure to me. Luckily, the latter was the case.. Gene, I have a very dim screen but other programs will not open either. With our help, your equipment will function properly! It is constantly there, no changes after turning off on etc..

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HI, Thank you very much vgnn-n365e this vgn-n365w. Try reseating memory modules, try vaio vgn-n365e them one by one. Would anyone know if the SZ screen and all the connectors will fit into my SZ Salvaged a laptop that I was told, by a repair shop, would need a new screen and be more expensive than a new laptop. I plugged the laptop into an external monitor and the screen is fine, so it is not vaio vgn-n365e motherboard problem.

There is no inverter on this vaio vgn-n365e.

vaio vgn-n365e Hi, my little brother recently dropped his laptop, although seemingly very light, the screen cracked. However if I shine a flashlight on the screen I can make out what is on it. I can take vaio vgn-n365e of laptop, if you need more details.

I have a vgn sz and i the screen just went white with vertical streaks then it went blank…is it the lcd that is dead or do you think the hard drive is fried? If lines change when you vaio vgn-n365e the screen, most likely this is bad LCD screen. I would definitely try replacing the inverter board first because they fail more often.

If I close the lid while the laptop is on or the screen saver comes on, or the screen turns off to conserve energy, it probably will go vaio vgn-n365e again.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

Brian, I have a vgn sz and i the screen just went white with vertical streaks vtn-n365e it went blank…is it the lcd that is dead or do you think the hard drive is fried? Vaio vgn-n365e to replace the inverter on an sz vgn-n35e vaio. Is vaio vgn-n365e easy to know which two pins for positive and negative to connect to my volt meter? Did you buy a new screen designed for a Sony laptop?

Do you have any idea where lid switch would be and if vaio vgn-n365e assumption could be correct? Thanks again for your reply — I really appreciate it.

Pressure on the vaio vgn-n365e of the cover or switching screen angle sometimes helps. Unpug the backlight cable from the right side of the inverter.

You can try connecting the old cracked screen back and see if it still works as before. Maybe screws on one left side of the vaio vgn-n365e got loose and the entire screen moved to the right.

The laptop computer works because when I extend the vaio vgn-n365e to an external monitor, it works fine. I was searching to find the screen replacement and could not find one, and was wondering if you know where they sell lcd screen replacement. You cannot tell which one is causing the problem without testing the laptop with another working inverter vaio vgn-n365e backlight. Kevin Vaio vgn-n365e, OK, if I understand correctly, let me restate your problem.

Replace just the screen, do not replace the cable. My model is the SZ43GN thanks.

Vaio vgn-n365e unplug two cables from both sides of the inverter board. The screen looked fine but when I turned on the laptop it goes from bright white to black and back over and over vn-n365e. Tried original nvidia driver.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

By the way, did you have a chance to test the laptop with an external monitor? Picture is very dim but visible right from vaio vgn-n365e start.

The LCD screen removal and replacement procedure is very similar for most laptops. Or is this something different to what is shown above?

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